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Introducing the NMT PainEraser™

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Elderly Woman Gets Relief

The PainEraser Head to Toe Recommendations for Use

Introducing the PainEraser by NMT. This specialized device converts virtually any oscillating multi-tool into an ultra-high speed vibrational massage instrument of the sort previously available only as a nearly $2000 professional instrument — but for only 15% of that cost!

The PainEraser achieves this by adapting a common home shop device, the sub-$100 “multi-tool” oscillating power tool available from manufacturers like Makita, Black+Decker, Milwaukie, Fein, and other manufacturers. The result is that for less than 15% of the cost of the $2000 professional instrument, both professional and home users can have a device that is a) better designed for body anatomy to quickly release tight and painful muscle and connective tissue structures, b) a stronger and more powerful motor and mechanical assembly, and c) variable speed for which the $2000 instrument is not capable.

*multi-tool not included

Select either the lithium battery powered models or corded models of multi-tools. Be aware that the cordless models are very convenient when traveling or using in places an electrical outlet may not be available, but that they make more noise since battery mechanisms tend to vibrate. We like the corded Makita multi-tool because it is very quiet and low vibration to the user compared to other brands. Only a couple of brands of multi-tools don’t work well and an example is the Bosch that will mount the PainEraser but doesn’t allow it to be rotated into the point forward position in which we usually use it. The Rigid multi-tool is good in many ways but the combined squeeze trigger and speed control are difficult to keep at a desired speed. Best to get your PainEraser and then go shopping for a multi-tool at a shop you can mount it and maybe even plug it in and try it out. Then you can always look for the best deal online.


The PainEraser by NMT produces a High Frequency Vibrational Tissue Release (HFVTR) that immediately releases tight painful muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and scar tissue. HFVTR utilizes rapidly oscillating mechanical surfaces and magnetic tissues to produce this effect. Magnetic effects are produced by oscillation of eight embedded rare earth magnets rated by the manufacturer at over 110,000 gauss at their surface. HFVTR is particularly effective in relaxing tissues that are infiltrated with scar tissue from old injuries. Thousands of applications of the PainEraser have produced fast, long lasting and profound relief of muscle and soft tissue contraction, tension, and pain. Application of the PainEraser is easily done by yourself or by a friend or health care professional to quickly relieve tissue tension and pain. A few minutes with the PainEraser will convince anyone that it would be close to impossible to injure one’s self with the PainEraser.

The PainEraser’s FDA status allows for sale and use by professional and private individuals. Professional use is subject to professional scope of practice; but is otherwise not restricted in any way by the FDA. FDA product code: IRO, FDA device category: Class I, subcategory: Therapeutic vibrator, FDA regulation number: 890.5975 FDA device exempt from premanufacturing notification and device approval requirements. The FDA wants you to know that the PainEraser is not intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health.

The PainEraser comes with a User Instruction Manual, which can also be downloaded here:, and select the “DownloadsforYou”. This document is frequently updated. So, be sure to have the most recent version. Read the instruction manual prior to first use of the PainEraser and follow those instructions faithfully, and do not use where contraindicated, which means essentially any seriously diseased tissue or acutely traumatized tissue such as infection, open wound, tumor, circulatory impairment, or neuropathy. PainEraser by NMT makes no representation, warranty or any claim whatsoever, expressed or implied, that the PainEraser is intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation or prevention of any disease, ailment, defect or injury of the human body. It is strictly to relax tight tissues and produce the relief that comes with profound relaxation.

PainEraser by NMT is backed by a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Just send the PainEraser by NMT back to us and we will issue a refund.

Please visit the website for helpful advice and videos on how to use the PainEraser by NMT in the most safe, easy, and effective way.

Attached are pictures of the final version of the PainEraser by NMT. The therapy head is made in 3 injection molding processes that first produces a skeleton piece on the metal tang and then is overcoated with the special hard plastic working surface material, and finally a shroud is molded over the metal tang that protects the multi-tool surfaces from touching the user. The result is a first class device of the highest quality. The PainEraser just slides on to the multi-tool attachment anchoring system, either a quick release lever or a hex nut that tightens down the attachement to the tool. Access the hex nut from the open arbor end and tightened through the round access hole.

PainEraser by NMT assumes no liability for any risks involved in the use of the product and this extends to but is not limited to our servants, agents, employees, and other parties associated with the PainEraser by NMT. PainEraser by NMT warrants the product for 3 years against defects in materials and workmanship and will replace any PainEraser that fails with the warranty.

Pricing for the PainEraser by NMT: Pricing is $299.95 each and a discounted price is available for bulk purchases upon request to

Please watch the website for announcements about upcoming PainEraser clinical workshops to help you get the most benefit from your PainEraser.


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