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Jon E.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Anthony Cahill, DC
Los Angeles, CA

Healing began immediately and I never looked back.

I began seeing Dr Cahill after suffering for over a year and four months whith a back lumbar region disc bulge and associated sciatica. I was miserable. couldn't stand up couldn't sit down, couldn't sleep peacfully. I had worked with both chiropractic and accupuncture for several months to no avail. The last straw was deep body work that sent me over the edge of pain (oops) and the Orthopedic Surgeon who wanted to solve my problems with a knife!

My first session with Dr Cahill was remarkable for the sense of connection and immediate relief I felt. He not only did the session, but he prescribed a variety of homeopathic herbs and vitamin/minerals to take and sent me home with a machine called Chi-Swinger which I would lay on the floor and cradle my ankels while the unit would swing right & left providing an amazing sense of relief to my lower back. I used this machine every day & night for several months (Dr Tony actually loaned me the equipment!) Believe me, the pain factor got worse before it got better. Draining fluids into my leg were excruciating!

But the healing course of action began immediately and I never looked back. He also loaned me a special curved hook device for finding pressure points and working the areas as deeply as possible...saved my life when I had to sit for periods of time! I got some strange looks at the airports!

The course of treatment combined with a half dozen or ten sessions over six months have resulted in my herniated disc receeding back and no sciatica at all and so far about a 95% complete healing. I never needed to go back to the surgeon and I never will!

The sense of positive charge, relaxation and energy I receive from every session I receive make me feel better at many different levels. I will be seeing Dr Tony for the rest of my dayz for the myriad of connections he provides into my well being and life path of abundance!!

Thanks for everything Dr Tony!!!





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