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Carol J.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. David R. Hetzel, D.C.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Systemic Toxicity

On Friday of last week, I came down with severe symptoms of aches and pains all over my body while I was at work. I had a huge pain in my ribs immediately after eating. The pain went around to by back, and I had shooting pains down my leg. I was dizzy and my ankles were weak. I left work and went directly home.

At home, I was extremely weak and I had no energy; I could not eat. I slept all that Friday and continued sleeping until Sunday night. Monday, I drove to work, but my leg hurt immensely as I was driving, and I had constant shooting leg pains. I was very concerned. When I would stand up at work, I would be completely dizzy. When sitting at my desk, my insides hurt clear up to my chin and my mouth. My stomach was bloated and full of pain. I never had this happen to me before.

So, I saw Dr. Hetzel Tuesday morning. He found that I had toxins in me from something that I ate. By using the NeuroModualtion Technique, my pain had disappeared. The bloating had decreased significantly as well. I actually felt great! I thought that it was too good to be true, so I just kept waiting to see if those symptoms would reappear. After several days, they definitely did not. I was amazed!

Thank you, Dr. Hetzel. I thank you so much. Again, Dr. Hetzel has healed me miraculously.





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