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Alan and Marianne Z.

Dr. David R. Hetzel, D.C.
Las Vegas, Nevada

Fatigue, Pain, Nausea, Sleep Disorders, Chemical Sensitivity

When we first brought our daughter Rachel to Dr. Hetzel about a year-and-a-half ago, she had been extremely sick for over 5 years and we had just about given up hope for help from conventional medical practitioners. Rachel was suffering from extreme fatigue, pain, nausea, sleep disorders, chemical sensitivities and multiple other symptoms. Diagnoses ranged from chronic fatigue immume dysfunction syndrome and fibromyalga, to irritable bowel syndrome, to blood pressure/heart problems, to some kind of psychiatric disorder. She underwent years of tests and medical exams and various medical treatments without much to show for it.

We heard about Dr. Hetzel from friends and decided to give him a try. Immediately, we were impressed by his warm, caring and respectful manner; but we were a little doubtful about his techniques - not wanting to get our hopes up too much. Rachel was severely disabled by that time, bed-bound at home and using a wheel-chair for her appointments, unable to even talk to Dr. Hetzel most of the time. But, since his therapuetic techniques did not require anything potentially injurious or uncomfortable for her ( such as medications or physical manipulations), we went ahead.

Dr. Hetzel began using NeuroModulation Technique and Rachel made astonishing improvements. She began getting out of bed more often, walking about the house and talking to us, making her own meals, and even helping with housework - things she had not done in years. Although she still has disabilities and symptoms, the change is unmistakable and impressive, giving us hope for the first time in a long while. We are extremely grateful to Dr. Hetzel for his role in this change with our daughter Rachel





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