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Kathy Surles
Glen Allen, Va

Dr. Christine Hannafin, Ph.D.
West Chester, PA

Dr. Hannafin has been so much help!

Dr. Hannafin has assisted me to get rid of pain in multiple parts of my body and be able to enjoy life. She has also helped me with NMT to eliminate an addiction to chocolate and caffine. I went from feeling like I was deprived if I didn't get a little chocolate every day to not missing the chocolate in one session. I had tried in the past to get myself off coffee before and had completed the detox of headaches, etc. but felt too tired without the coffee, so had gone back to drinking my several cups a day. In one session with Dr. Hannafin, I was able to not drink coffee at all and had no headaches or fatigue to work through. This is terrific stuff and Dr. Hannafin is very intuitive and energetic in her approach to the process and healing in general.





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