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Louis M.
Montclair, NJ

Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

A positive NMT experience

My experience with the NMT Method has been positive. Aside from early success dealing with a pinch nerve in my neck Dr. Kane has been consistent with the NMT method in treating several other conditions related to the stress in my life and its effects.

The NMT method, as administered by Dr. Kane, allows for the positive release of blocked energy in my body thus allowing the body to heal itself. I find this approach to be more effective then the very narrow approach of allopathic medicine with its reliance on chemical compounds.

Dr. Kane recently has been treating me for an enlarged prostate. Along with herbs and vitamins the NMT method has greatly helped the condition in a very noticeable way allowing me to urinate more normally with less discomfort. I also like the fact that Dr. Kane combines chiropractic techniques with his treatments this helps to reduce stress centered in the spine and neck. I would recommend his approach to anyone needing help with a physical ailment.

Louis M.





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