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Eileen V.
Springfield, NH

Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

2 Amazing sessions

I have been treated by Dr. John many times and have felt great results. Two recent treatments made some remarkable changes for me.

One was in November when I was having many personal and family issues. I was quite stressed and my chief complaint was that I was very sad and tired. I have become less patient, quick tempered with my children, and very teary-eyed. Plus all the stress had given me constant gastritis.

Dr. John treated me for two hours. During the session, I became very relaxed and calm. When I was leaving the office I felt as though I had just woken up from a peaceful sleep and was well rested. This feeling stayed with me and I was quite surprised to have my composure back. Later that week there was a family crisis with my teenage daughter, yet I felt centered and was able to respond without undo emotional stress.

Just before Christmas, Dr. John treated me again. For several weeks before the treatment I had shoulder and arm pain which had become worse. I was in the middle of moving and the pain was preventing me from being able to pack or lift boxes. The pain which had started in my left shoulder had traveled down the length of my arm and up into my neck. Dr. John assessed my condition and I was surprised that I was unable to lift my arm above shoulder height. Dr. John spent an hour treating me. By the end of the hour I had full range of motion in my shoulder with no pain. Since then I have been packing and lifting boxes without any problem. The treatment was amazing.

Eileen V. - December 27, 2005


  2 Amazing sessions

Eileen is a recently divorced, working mom of two teens. She came in on the first session crying that she was at the end of her rope, feeling squeezed, and not knowing what to do to solve the problems she faced.

I had her write down all her stresses or complaints in one column and then in the next had her turn around that statement. So for Eileen,” My daughter doesn’t respect me” became, “I can command respect from my daughter”. Part of the treatment was to find which negative statements were inappropriately part of her optimal health image and which positive ones were not included in that image. It took a little time to do this, but was well worth it. Not only did she leave feeling much lighter and smiling, but she didn’t fall apart when her daughter had a teen crisis later that week.

The second session was less complex but just as rewarding. She went from a limit of 90 degrees of shoulder abduction to full, pain-free, 180 degrees of abduction even with holding a 5lb weight. 90% of the treatment was using NMT.

Eileen’s boyfriend was brought in after the treatment from the waiting room. She elatedly kept bringing her arm up over her head to show him the improvement she had.

John Kane DC



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