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Maureen H
Sudbury, Ontario

Dr. Robyn Fraser, ND
Guelph, Ontario

Free From Allergies

With three treatments we have resolved my allergy reactions to fruit - apples, pears, plums, nectarines, cherries, and peaches. I would get itchy eyes, itchy throat and hospitalized once with constricted throat and swollen eyes and face. I am now enjoying all of these fruits on a regular basis. Cats also gave me the same reaction and I have visited my daugter who has two cats and enjoyed a full evening with her and had no reaction to her cats.

I have a problem with stress and tension and I can feel NMT has helped in this area also. I had a problem with cold air. On going for a walk or shopping at the grocery store I would get very red to the point of having purple spots on my hands, thighs, neck and inner elbows. These spots would burn and itch. This problem has now been resolved.

Thank you Robyn, NMT has worked.

Maureen H.



All this was treated in 3 visits over a period of about 3months, since my patient had to travel over 5 hours to my office and thus was not able to come frequently.



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