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Susana S.

Monica Cristobal, RD, MS
New Jersey

Thyroid over grown

In 2002 I was warned by my doctor that my thyroid had grown over its regular size. Since then I’ve been checking it and in 2006 my doctor advised me to go on surgery.

In June 2006 my NMT practitioner advised me to try the treatment. I’d been having 2 sessions per week during two months, in my practitioner’s office. Then she moved to other city and I didn’t have treatment for a month. My thyroid, which had got smaller, began to grow again. At that point I agreed with my practitioner to have my treatment on the phone, and I ‘m having it once a week.

Since then I’ve checked my thyroid every three months and not only it stopped growing, but it began to get smaller again.

During the treatment I realized I felt too much stress, mostly in my throat, my practitioner treated it too, with excellent results.

I expect I will get my thyroid problem completely solved soon.

February 2007





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