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Susie P.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Deborah Frenette, C.Ht.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

NMT Shrank My Cyst and Balanced My Hormones

This is a letter for you and others interested in knowing what NeuroModulation Technique has done for me, in a specific area as my hormones, it was greatly successful. I was told that my reoccurring cyst on my left ovary would have to be removed if it didn't shrink down below 1 cm.

When my concern was shared with you and you continued to treat it with N.M.T. I was under repeated internal ultrasounds to monitor its status.

After 6-7 sessions with you I went in to have it checked again and maybe removed that day. The specialist did the ultrasound himself and said, “You’re clear, its gone.”

I was so happy, and said to myself that yes, it was all the sessions focusing on the clearing of the cyst.

For all the areas that we treat with N.M.T. I have been very pleased and have found that it has been very helpful and pleasing results occur.

You have been a positive influence in my health and huge sharing of your knowledge to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance have been so wonderful.

A big thank you blessing

Susee P.





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