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Jeanette L.
Lompoc, CA

Dr. Anthony Cahill, DC
Los Angeles, CA

Migraine Headache

If you have ever suffered a Migraine Headache you will appreciate what Dr. Cahill can accomplish in relieving them with NMT.

Having experienced a Migraine for nearly two weeks in a row, I called Dr. Cahill and he went to work with just this information and the headache was diminished except for residual fatigue in a one hour session.

Although it returned the next day, Dr. Cahill again alleviated it in a half an hour.

Being an NMT practitioner myself, I had self-treated for the Migraine. It can be difficult to be objective when doing self treatment, and Dr. Cahill takes great care with each client to explore every level of being and all avenues necessary to resolve a problem.

What is most notable about Dr. Cahill is his ability to "see" all areas that may contribute to any ailment. He seems to be gifted in discovering any contributing factors to a disease, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental.

If you haven't experienced a Dr. Anthony Cahill NMT treatment, it may be an experience you will be glad you've had. Many thanks Dr. Cahill!

Jeanette L., RN





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