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Patricia D.
Ashland, OR

Susie De Pavia, RMT, BA, CBP
San Antonio, TX

Distance Treatments

My first experience with NMT was a distance session over the phone with Susie DePavia. The treatment was for an injury from a fall I had taken 2 months before. My back was in spasm, my neck hurt all the time and my jaw pain was increasing in spite of my receiving numerous chiropractic sessions. During Susie's session, I felt the tension ease from my jaw and my constant headache ease up. The spasm and pain have not returned. After that I was convinced about NMT. The relief for me was undeniable.

Therefore, when my elderly dog was dying of hemangiosarcomas, I phoned Susie for help. Whenever it was time for Susie to phone for our scheduled appointment, my Basset Hound Millie would come to the phone where I was waiting and lay at my feet.

Following her treatments, Millie would show remarkable improvement. I had out-of-state visitors at my home during one of the treatments. After seeing the change in Millie afterwards, my friend said "Don't lose Susie's number in case I need it!" Millie's passing was much easier because of Susie's help. I will always be grateful to her for that.

Patricia D.
Ashland, OR





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