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Barrie H.
Eugene, OR

Dr. Rick Schwartz, DC
Eugene, OR

Since NMT my level of kidney Function has improved substantially.

April 20, 2008

To whom It May Concern

For many years I have been seeing a kidney specialist to monitor my kidney function. He has also been our family doctor for many years. My father had kidney failure at about age 80 so I am concerned about my genetic background, and need to watch how my own function is progressing, up or down.

A few readings since 2005 are the basis for my concern. These readings are estimates as explained by my kidney doctor.

4/15/05 GFR (MDRD equation) 50 L *Note on Lab. Test
* The National Kidney Foundation guidelines for stratifying kidney disease
Using an estimated GFR (MDRD equation) are as follows:
Chronic kidney disease (stage3) <60 mL/min 1.73m2
Kidney failure (stage5) <15 mL/min 1.73m2

5/11/05 GFR (MDRD equation) 50 L >60

12/6/05 GFR (MDRD equation) 46 L >60

3/7/06 GFR (MDRD equation) 40 L >60

After this date started NMT with Doctor Rick Schwartz - not specific treatment for kidney function but some associated.

9/17/07 GFR (MDRD equation) 43 L >60

After this date continued NMT with Doctor Schwartz with specific attention to kidney function and treatment

The following reading was from a CREATINE CLEARANCE collection and test. My kidney doctor explained that this is a more accurate test in determining kidney function. He stated that people from age 60 to 70 have an average reading of 65.

4/5/08 CREATINE CLEARANCE 67 61-120 ml/min

Since NMT my level of kidney function has improved substantially. The kidney doctor informed me years ago that my kidneys would continue to deteriorate and would never improve no matter what I did in treatment, and that eventually I would have to go on dialysis which is what my father had to do. My hope is that with continued NMT they can still get better as seen by the last test.





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