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Mindy T.
San Antonio, TX

Susie De Pavia, RMT, BA, CBP
San Antonio, TX

Relief from Lyme Disease

I started seeing Susie De Pavia for NMT in April of 2007. I was in the midst of recovering from a debilitating case of Lyme Disease. Western medicine had helped me up to a point, but offered me nothing more than symptomatic relief. When I first went to Susie my major complaints included:
• Migraines • Severe fatigue and exhaustion • Wrenching muscle pain, especially throughout my spine, neck, and shoulders • Severe food allergies to dairy, soy, wheat, and sugar (these allergies only started with my illness) • Emotional depletion and hopelessness

I am now off all western medications and I am pain free 95% of the time. I am able to eat any foods that I choose without having severe pain as a repercussion. I am finally returning to full time employment after having to take a hiatus of 4 years to regain my health, immune system, and stamina. Susie and NMT have helped me immensely, both physically and emotionally, as I have journeyed back to a self that is healthier and more vibrant than before I became ill with Lyme. I recommend Susie to everyone because I have seen the power of dealing directly with my subconscious and my underlying attitudes/beliefs which were sabotaging my ability to heal completely. Thank you Susie!

- Mindy T., Age 29, San Antonio, TX





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