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Kent Schaefer, RN, MSN
Tucson, AZ

Smoking Cessation

I have been smoking for about 28 years and I was up to about 18 cigarettes a day. Then I met Kent Schafer who asked me if I would be open to NMT to quit smoking. I decided to give it a try and Kent and I would make phone appointments to complete the sessions to quit smoking. I have had one session and now I can only smoke 1/2 of a cigarette at a time and about a total of four cigarettes a day. We are continuing our sessions by phone. I have tried to quit smoking before and I would be irritable, hungry, tired and have real bad headaches. This time this is not happening. This is with one session three weeks ago. I have tried hypnosis, patches, pills, support groups and cold turkey with no avail. Hopefully, with more sessions, before too long, I can actually kick the habit.






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