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Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

Cigarette cessation from a distance

A few years ago Dr Kane fixed my paralyzed leg and I’ve been walking without a cane ever since. Now he is helping me with the impossible. So I have deduced that he is magic. I haven’t had a cigarette in 2 weeks and something tells me that I am finished with them for good… Amazing! Astounding!

S. R.



I had seen this patient for an injury in 2005. She made good progress within a few weeks of care. In her history, she noted she was a smoker and I advised that it was imperative that she quit, and that NMT would be able to assist help. So in January of 2009, I received a call in which she stated that she was wanted to stop smoking. I suggested NMT doctors in her area to contact. Since she had a good response with me in the past, she choose distance treatments, and I accepted. Except for a few years when she was pregnant, she had been smoking a pack a day since she was 16, and was now in her early sixties. She had tried hypnosis but the results lasted just a few days.Truth be told, I didn't have much experience with helping people with addiction, and, as with all patient's there is a chance that they will be helped, or that their goal will not be reached.

Wanting success, I read up on smoking cessation and what had worked for others in NMT. Long story short, after 3 hrs. and 35 minutes of NMT sessions, 5 calls, she smoked her last cigarette. I never told her to quit. I don't think l will every forget the excitement in her voice when she spoke with me on her sixth session, and told me that she had quit. After each session she noted that the negatives of smoking increased to the point that she quit, on her own. She related that it was like nothing she had ever experienced before and that she had no withdrawal symptoms!



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