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Susan S.
Wantage, NJ

Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

Lyme and Allergies in Sussex : A Patient's Story

My name is Susan. I live on a small horse farm with my husband. I have 3 horses, a flock of Guinea Hens, cats and a dog. I am employed as a Clinical Specialist at a hospital residential program for patients with chronic mental illness. I work an afternoon into night shift and on weekends, so I can ride my horses and take care of the farm. Oh, I have to add that I am 57 years old.

My first session with Dr. John was on Labor Day weekend. My main complaint was horrible allergies that were at times causing extreme fatigue and dizziness, along with the usual sinus problems. I have been seeing my GP for my allergies, but each medication made either no difference or made me feel worse. I was not really familiar with Kinesiology or NMT.

Dr. John devoted an hour session of testing and found some startling findings: Lyme, sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, emotional pathways blocked, others I cannot remember. I was kind of in shock after hearing this, because I was just plodding along thinking this is how I am going to feel. I felt it was because I was getting older and had a thyroid condition.

I made the decision to continue treatment with sessions over the phone because I live in Sussex County and my schedule was packed. At first the sessions were weekly, and for November and December approximately every 3 weeks. The results are sometimes immediate for me and other times as I go through my day I will think --boy I feel great! The sessions are also very soothing. My allergies are minimal and I now take no allergy medication. My dizziness is gone -- my doctor was suggesting a neurology assessment. Side note: my GP goes to a Chiropractor Kinesiologist so he is supportive and happy I feel better. My time now with my horses is wonderful because my body is alive again and I am actually present in my life.

This has changed my thoughts on how we get sick and heal and it is amazing that most of my sessions are via the phone.

I am grateful to Dr. John Kane and his devotion and positive attitude toward life in general. Many things are possible!

Susan S., Wantage, NJ





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