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Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
Hermiston, OR

NMT has given me my life back.

I have (had?) autoimmune thyroid disease - both Graves and Hashimotos. I did a year of herbal holistic stuff because I couldn't find a doctor to treat me without using radioactive waste which I refused... long story... so went the alt med way. Discovered I had tons of allergies. Tried NAET - worked great, but found it exhausting and expensive and really hard to do when hyperthyroid and needing to eat all the time but only able to eat rice - plus I had a toddler who made it really hard to avoid things for 25 hours... it just was not working for me.

Then I discovered NMT and within a month of my first treatment I was off all my herbs and my thyroid was functioning normally on it's own. We've had some ups and downs as treatment has gone on - treating for all kinds of things from thyroid to adrenals to kidneys - but my doctor just got back from the Advanced NMT seminar and has so many new tools - went back to revisit the graves/hashimotos thing and discovered that I still had some issues to deal with in regards and in just 2 treatments I feel like a completely new person

- I have my life back again!





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