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Susan R.
Piedmont, CA

Nancy Michelli, CNC
Pleasant Hill, CA

I Can Sing Again!

My name is Susan Rancer and I am a Registered Music Therapist. I see 47 private clients in my home per week so I do a lot of singing and speaking. For 3 months I was having continuous voice problems due to the heavy rains we had in early spring. I couldn't sing at all during this time and was getting very depressed. After being on Allegra and Flonase consistently, and finding no relief, I saw an ear, nose and throat specialist. He put a probe up my nose and down my throat and said my vocal chords were separated and inflamed. He said if they didn't improve in a month he would do a procedure. When I mentioned allergy desensitization, he said that he heard good things about it and told me to try it.

I went for my first session of NMT 2 days after seeing the doctor and Nancy Michelli had me singing 2 days later. The next day I performed a 3 hour Passover Seder for my daughter and her college Hillel group. It was amazing! To stand up on the stage and sing after having no voice was an unbelievable experience for me. My voice remains clearer than it has ever been. The true test was traveling to Wisconsin in May where there was heavy pollen in the air. No problem. I even went to visit the cat next door. Before I couldn't look at a cat without reacting. I played with the cat and had no problem. Needless to say, I carry a stack of Nancy's business cards with me and constantly hand them out.





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