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Maureen M.

Dr. John Zilliox, DC, DACBN, CCN
Amherst, NY, USA

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have Rheumatoid arthritis. Afer years on a medication prescibed by my doctor, I became severely ill. I could barely walk. My blood work showed serious anemia. My liver was highly toxic and several other blood readings were out of normal range.I was working full time but had to cut to half time. I initially had to retire.. I was in bed wih flu like symptoms. When I was active more than 3 hours a day, I became bedridden. The only thing my doctor offered me was a strong medication with seriouside effects and would probably kill what little health I had left. Dr. Zilliox started me on a special diet, NMT treatments and supplements. Within 4 days my flu like symptoms stopped. The stiffness in my back started to subside. I am in no pain. My arm stiffness stopped. Beforehand, I could barely use the steering wheel to drive. Dr. Zilliox halted the progression of the RA and gave me my life back. Although I still have RA, Dr. Zilliox minimized the effects and I can move about again. I wish I would have known about D.Zilliox a few years back and I would be even healthier now.

Maureen M.





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