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Chris M.

Dr. John Zilliox, DC, DACBN, CCN
Amherst, NY, USA

9-Years of Horrible Allergies.

9-years ago I developed allergies to foods such as peanuts, milk, and cheese.  This caused server and painful outbreaks of cystic acne (large red boils) all over my face, back, and legs.  As time progressed, my list expanded to include soy, yogurt, ice cream and many other foods.  My life was impossible.  I could not go to restaurants or eat common foods from grocery stores.  

I was often hungry and struggled to find food on a daily basis that would not react with me.  At the time, I was on active duty in the military and was in danger of being medically discharged because I could not eat the food given to deployed troops.

I went to several doctors and known knew what my problem was nor how to treat it.  Additionally I became lactose intolerant with an upset stomach.

Dr. Zilliox analyzed my disorder and began the NMT treatments.  After only two treatments I was completely cured of my food allergies.  

On the same day of the second treatment, I experimented to see that the allergy was indeed cured.  I drank 12 ounces of milk, ate 1-pint of ice cream, drank soy milk and ate cheese.  I had no stomach upset from the lactose, but then waited to see if my skin would break out.  Due to the quantity of allergy causing foods I consumed my skin should have erupted violently within the next 12 hours.  I woke up the next morning to find not one single trace of acne anywhere!  

9-years of horrible allergies had come to an abrupt end.  This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen.  

Chris M.





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