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Edie N., R.N.

Dr. John Zilliox, DC, DACBN, CCN
Amherst, NY, USA

Since NMT treatment, I have no more stomach problems!

Before treatment with Dr. Zilliox , I was extremely fatigued all the time, insomnia, couldn’t lose weight(100 lbs overweight), menstrual irregularities and had stomach problems. My thyroid was not functioning properly, my TSH was 7.26, and I had high blood pressure. Been to many doctors, they could not find the reasons for all my medical problems. Dr. Zilliox was my last resort for a cure or improvement.

Since my NMT treatments, I have no more stomach problems at all! My blood pressure is perfect 107/70, my TSH is 1.70 (which is normal). I no longer have insomnia or menstrual problems, I have energy to do things, feel great and I have lost over 90lbs; the first time I’ve been able to lose weight in almost 10 yrs (since my diagnosis of hypothyroidism). I am so grateful that I found Dr. Zilliox who was the only one to resolve my medical problems and I recommend his care to everyone who has concerns about their health. He is a true healer.

— Edie N., R.N.





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