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Lynn S.

Dr. John Zilliox, DC, DACBN, CCN
Amherst, NY, USA

Delayed speech and autistic like behaviors.

We had concerns regarding Gregory's behavior. He had delayed speech, autistic like behaviors and non-compliant behaviors. Gregory was not understanding and responding to verbal commands. Our son demonstrated social interactive deficits and inattentiveness. His body always seemed to be under stress and agitated.

Thanks to Dr. Zilliox and the NMT treatments gregory is showing a significant amount of progress. He responds to verbal prompts and commands. When in social situations, he is attentive, calmer and much more compliant. Gregory can handle more sensory input and transition. He has improved  in his ability to communicate. He has shown a significant increase in socialization. We are seeing consistent growth and a much calmer demeanor in our son. We are very pleased and blessed with his progress.

Lynn S.





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