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Michelle K.
Walla Walla, WA

Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
Hermiston, OR

I feel rejuvenated!

I was feeling just a bit off. I had no energy, no sex drive, and was very tired. My days seemed to drag on without me having any regard for my daily activities. After being treated by Dr. Feinberg with NMT, I feel rejuvenated! My energy level of way up, my spirits are way up, and libido has returned. I am a much happier person with a skip in my step.

- Michelle K., Walla Walla, WA


  NMT rapidly helps when emotional experience is out of sync with the life we are leading.

Michelle’s case is a wonderful example of the way NeuroModulation Technique can rapidly help when our emotional experience is out of sync with the life we are leading.

How often does it occur that a disturbing emotional tone casts a cloud over life, and there seems to be no apparent consistency between what is happening in the “real world” of our lives and the emotional experience of it. In the world of NMT we view the emotions as a language by which the inner directed aspect of consciousness that is often referred to as the subconscious informs and motivates our conscious mind. It is the process that tells us how to feel about what is happening in the life we are leading. When we see a patient who is experiencing emotions such as depression, anger, anxiety, or other unpleasant emotions that seem disconnected and inappropriate to what is going on in their life, we look for “information faults” in the nervous system that are queuing up the wrong emotional messages to the conscious mind. Michelle K.’s story is one of many in which using NMT to correct the mechanics by which the body generates emotional experience to put the patient back on track emotionally.

For Michelle, this was a very rapid, durable correction that was achieved without the need for psychoactive pharmaceutical drugs, counseling, or other forms of treatment.

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C. NMT Founder



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