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Ruth G.

Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
Hermiston, OR

After 5 sessions I am totally free of A-Fibs and PVCs

In June 1990 I awoke at 2AM with a very rapid heart beat and uneven rhythm. Naturally, I went to the ER and was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrilations. After a cardiac exam and tests I began Digoxin that lasted for 8yrs. The episodes were only at night and lasted between 4-7 hrs. I was hospitalized twice mainly because of my fears.

After 6 yrs. the meds were changed to Verapamil 120 mg 2xdaily and in l990 I began Coumidin.

The pattern was labeled "cluster" because I could go for 2mos. with no episodes although I experienced PVCs on a daily basis. The cluster meant the episodes were daily for 5-6 days in order. Made life miserable.

In 2003 I began NAET and after 6 mos. of treatments, 2-3 sessions per week, the A Fibs ceassed for 8 mos. although I continued the NAET. They returned with the cluster pattern although reduced in episode duration to 3-5 hrs. I remained on Coumidin and subsequently stopped NAET. It was too costly.

In August 2004 I had 2-way bypass surgery and experienced the "bursts" many times in the hospital and home. However, the true A-Fibs became 1-3hrs duration and 3-4 times a week again only at night. I changed cardiologists at this time and after being informed that the literature showed danger from A-Fibs occurred after episodes lasting 20hrs I stopped the Coumidin. He put me on aspirin 325mg daily. My Verapamil is also reduced to 120mg daily.

I began NMT sessions with Dr. Leslie Feinberg early in May 2005 and after 5 sessions I am totally free of A-Fibs and PVCs (Date of last A-Fib was June 12, 2005). I am continuing the sessions because I have a few other issues that I know he will resolve shortly.

I am 100% committed to NMT and discuss it, as best as I can, with my non-believer friends. I am convinced that they will follow, in their time, because they have no alternatives.

With much respect and thanks,
Ruth Gordon


  Atrial fibrillation is not an uncommon condition and can be very dangerous.

Atrial fibrillation is not an uncommon condition and can be very dangerous. Medications and ablation surgery are the chief medical options, they are not effective for some number of patients, and, in the case of surgery, effect is not reversible. In my experience, this condition has resolved in a relatively small number of sessions in the majority of patients that I have treated. Most were severe cases in which the periods of ablation were significant hours. I have had a case where improvement was temporary and he is having one of the medical options that was a choice prior to having NMT. This is one of the wonderful things about NMT. It is very much compatible with an integrated approach to health care that selects from tradition Western medical care as well as “complimentary” health care.

Leslie S. Feinberg, D.C.



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