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Yanaris for Baby Martin
San Diego, CA

Dr. Thomas Rogers, DC
Austin, TX, USA

Multiple Ophthalmologic Problems

My nephew was born with what doctors call multiple ophthalmologic problems, first diagnosed with congenital glaucoma and later on with a genetic disorder that eventually would have left him blind. Dr. Thom’s support and personal care helped us through these very stressful times of having a baby with medical problems. We have faith in Dr. Thom’s techniques, and his care made us peaceful through the hard times. Over a 2 month treatment period, not only did the baby’s eyes heal but the baby’s problem with his stomach, which was causing him to not be able to eat and prolonging his stay at the hospital, improved.

Toward the end of the treatment, when the baby had to be taken to a routine specialist appointment required by the hospital, all that the MD could say after the check up was “This is a miracle.” The baby is doing great, gaining weight, and able to see. Dr. Thom has that special healing touch that only someone who loves helping others has.





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