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Maria for Daughter Nicole
san Antonio, TX

Dr. Thomas Rogers, DC
Austin, TX, USA

Attention Deficit Disorder

“Our 10 year old daughter Nicole has had symptoms of ADD since Kindergarten, however was not diagnosed until the middle of 4th grade. During these years she worked very hard in school, to remain with Cs and Bs, which affected her self-esteem. At each grade level we were told that Nicole just needs more tutoring, and that they saw nothing that would lead them to believe she has ADD. Enduring these years has been frustrating for al of us. We have another child that had been on ADD medication for two and a half years. After learning about Dr. Rogers, we decided to consult him for Nicole’s condition.

Nicole began NMT treatments in February 2005. Soon after we noticed changes in her, and her tutor was amazed at Nicole attention span. Nicole’s three teachers noticed changes with her testing, attention, and confidence. Nicole is now an Honor Roll student. Her confidence and social interaction has improved a great deal. We are thankful for Dr. Rogers’ techniques, and for not having to choose conventional medicine for ADD. We will be changing the treatment for our other child soon.”





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