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Dr. Thomas Rogers, DC
Austin, TX, USA

Injuries and Pain, Remote Treatments

“I am a 55 year old male in good health. I have however had several issues with chest, hip, and back pain from injuries in the past. In March of 2005 I started treatments with Dr. Rogers using the NMT method, working with pains in my chest that were radiating from my back. After 3 treatments the chest pain was gone. We then moved on to a very severe pain in my left hip. The hip pain had been with me for at least a year and was severe enough that I could not lie on my left side in bed. I had been seeing a conventional chiropractor every two weeks for the past year and was not able to resolve the issue. In just 4 treatments with Dr. Rogers using the NMT method, the hip pain resolved.

Over the years I have tried many methods of treatment, and I have found that the NMT method has brought the greatest improvement in the shortest amount of time. I am looking forward to continuing treatment to optimize my health. The NMT method of treatment helps the body help itself without the invasiveness of other forms of treatment. A big plus for me is the Remote Treatment option which means I don’t need to be in the office for a treatment. I live in Michigan and can be treated without a visit to Texas where Dr. Rogers has his practice. By using the telephone the treatment can be administered long distance in the comfort of my own home.”





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