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M. Jorgensen

Dr. Larry J. Herbig, DC
Kansas City, MO

I absolutely feel that continued NMT treatments will make me 100% better.

"About nine years ago, after having some dental work, I started experiencing pain in the left jaw area, left sinus pain and pressure, left ear pain / congestion and drainage, and tooth pain in the same area. It continued constantly throughout this time, sometimes much more severe than others, especially during times of stress, and it has been very sensitive to both internal and external heat and cold. Nothing really had made much of a difference in the pain and other symptoms until I started getting NMT from Dr. Herbig. Identifying fungus / Candida infections and two cavitations in the left jawbone as the primary cause, and a number of additional aggravating factors including the effects of accumulative stress in the tissues, NMT has been of tremendous help to me. Currently I am about 85% better, and feel very little discomfort, congestion or pressure in that area. It has been such a relief not to experience the intense symptoms in the left side of my face and head, and I absolutely feel that continued NMT treatments will eventually make me 100% better."





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