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Michelle W.

Dr. Larry J. Herbig, DC
Kansas City, MO

NMT has made a world of difference in my life, as it has for my entire family.

"I originally started receiving NMT from Dr. Larry Herbig for various symptoms, including vertigo, left ankle swelling, low energy and left breast pain. Each of these symptoms has totally disappeared with NMT treatments, and I started feeling much better overall. Recently I asked Dr. Herbig if he could do anything for Hashimoto's Disease, which I was diagnosed with four and a half years ago after getting tests for post-partum depression, although I suspect I had it closer to seven years. His answer again was NMT, so we recently started focusing on my Hashimoto's Disease. And once again, NMT has been very effective. I have been able to cut my Synthroid medication down to one sixth the original dosage, and even with that my thyroid hormone levels are high normal. I suspect I may be able to quit the Synthroid very soon at this rate, and maintain normal thyroid hormone levels without medication. NMT has made a world of difference in my life, as it has for my entire family, and we are all healthier because of it."





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