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Tammy P.

Dr. Larry J. Herbig, DC
Kansas City, MO

NMT has been a true blessing for me, and has given me my life back.

"For one and a half years I experienced daily migraine headaches, often so severe that I ended up in the emergency room to get medical treatment for the pain. During that year and a half, I needed to go to the ER over one hundred times to be given Demerol and other narcotics to handle the unbearable pain. Migraines literally controlled my life, and medical tests and treatment could offer nothing but temporary relief. Then I was referred to Dr. Herbig, who examined me, explained what he felt was the cause of my migraines, and recommended a technique called NMT to see if it could help remove the suspected cause. I agreed, and started receiving NMT that same day. Gradually my migraines became less and less severe and less and less frequent. Weeks or months would go by before I would have a headache. Now it has been about ten months since my last NMT treatment, and during that time I have had a total of only two headaches. NMT has been a true blessing for me, and has given me my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"





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