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Amy R.

Dr. Larry J. Herbig, DC
Kansas City, MO

NMT has definitely been very helpful in regaining my health.

"I was introduced to NMT by Dr. Larry Herbig after having received cortisone injections in both thumbs for pain which had been diagnosed as trigger finger, and the pain was still there. After two sessions of NMT, the pain was gone, my thumbs didn't "catch" anymore, and they have felt totally fine for the past year. I was also medically diagnosed with Lyme Disease, including both the Borrelia and the parasitic Babesia types. After exploring the medical approach to treatment for this illness, and learning that massive amounts of antibiotics were usually required for up to a year or longer, with major side effects common, and possibly may not kill all of the Lyme organisms anyway, I started searching for alternative ways to treat this illness. I eventually decided on two things, NMT treatments from Dr. Herbig, and a six-month Chinese herbal program. I received a series of NMT treatments, and went through the herbal program, and with this combination, my body has healed without major side effects, without taking harsh antibiotics, and I feel great again! NMT has definitely been very helpful in helping me regain my health."





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