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Michael F.
New Jersey

Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield, NJ

10 year old son free from allergies and help with ADHD.

I read about NMT care and thought it might help my 10-year-old son with his food allergies. He is now able to eat the same foods without breaking out in hives. My son has also shown significant improvement in his ADHD symptoms and we are hoping for even greater results with further treatment.

Meanwhile, I have started NMT treatment for my asthma/allergies and the results so far have been outstanding. This summer has been one of my best health wise.

Thank you Dr Kane, my son and I both look forward to our visits, which we have found both enjoyable and productive.


  Saved from military school!

Mike’s son, came to me this past spring for NMT care. One issue was his severe allergies. He had a few allergic episodes after eating a particular Chinese dish with shrimp and one other time at a Spanish restaurant with garlic shrimp. He would turn red, break out in hives, and have difficulty breathing. He was able to eat shrimp on its own without reaction. Each time he needed to go to the hospital to treat the anaphalytic allergic reaction. Bee stings were also and allergic trigger. Wherever the family went they carried a syringe of epinephrine.

The son also has many ADHD symptoms including impulsivity, inflexible, temperamental, difficulty listening, bullying etc. His dad was very concerned and was contemplating enrolling his son in military school. The biggest change in behavior seemed to come after treatment of a pathway that helps the brain run more efficiently and TTP a pathway that helps the body manage stress. I knew we were getting somewhere when one of his friends told him “he wasn’t weird to be around anymore.”

Eventually I asked him to bring in the same food from the same Chinese restaurant to eat in the office. They had always noticed a reaction in the past within 20-30 minutes and this time there was no reaction. It was during this waiting time that Mike became a patient himself and he has had, he says, the best summer regarding his allergies and asthma.



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