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San Diego, CA

Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
Hermiston, OR

I continue to be amazed!

I continue to be amazed over and over by the effectiveness and power of this technique. We found this technique while searching for something to help out daughter with some significant allergy issues. My husband is a Chiropractor and uses energetic techniques within his office. We had tried every technique we could find with marginal success until we found NMT.

During the first seminar my husband went to, Dr. Feinberg treated my daughter for milk allergies. He asked her if she could have cake or ice cream when she went to a friend's party. She said no. He treated her and it was amazing what she could eat with no reaction. She now can go to parties and have whatever she wants with no allergy symptoms at all.

My husband has since used this technique with every patient that walks through his door with amazing success. NMT is a dynamic and evolving work. New and exciting changes are made consistently from patient and doctor feedback. Because of this I went to Oregon this summer with my girls to have Dr. Feinberg treat us. I have two girls who are very well behaved except in one area. Going to church seemed to elicit more restlessness and not paying attention than normal. It just didn't feel right because their normal behavior everywhere else was good. Dr. Feinberg treated all of us for this issue and the results again have been amazing. Their behavior has been excellent in church as well as everywhere else.

What a blessing this technique has been to me and my family. My husband is definitely going to another advanced seminar to integrate all of the newer pathways into his practice. We are all excited to see the new and dynamic ways NMT can help our family as well as his patients.





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