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Tod G.

Dr. John Kane, DC
Bloomfield NJ

Help for anxiety and acid reflux.

I received NI received NMT care from my chiropractor, Dr. John Kane, mainly due to my acid reflux, and I had much anxiety at the time, not all of which I could find the reason for. This had been going on for at least a year. I also had a hiatal hernia, which though Dr. Kane pushed it down, much reflux remained. The reflux itself was causing more anxiety on top of what I already felt, and was burning my esophagus and forcing me to use Nexium, which I did not want as my digestion was already weak. Digestive enzymes and apple cider vinegar had helped a bit but not enough. Even when propped up at night with a wedge pillow, the reflux would continue.

When I first was told about NMT, I was skeptical, though I wanted to keep an open mind. Using NMT, Dr. Kane was able to deduce that I had damage to my morphic energy fields, the number of events that damaged them, and the ages that they occurred. Now I didn't know anything about energy fields in the body, but when he mentioned each age it became immediately evident what those events were, I was amazed. He then repaired them and checked with NMT to see if they were fixed, which they were. Over a period of weeks my anxiety was greatly reduced, and as a result, my reflux. I felt like a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I no longer would freak out at every little trouble, and I no longer had to take the Nexium.

During this time and after, Dr Kane used NMT to fix a host of other problems, particularly with the functioning of my liver and gall bladder (I have gall stones), my digestion, and with fighting infectious agents. In such cases, it was often like someone flipped a switch and I felt better within minutes.


  A few comments.

Tod originally came to see me through a web search for hiatal hernia. He found my name on a web site for Applied Kinesiology (AK). He was open to try NMT and has benefited from its methods. He is one of these people who respond instantly from what we set out to do that visit.

The treatment for hiatal hernia that he mentions is an AK treatment, which was helpful. When he still complained of problems and no longer had an indication for additional treatment for the hiatal hernia, I suggested NMT.



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