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Helen H.

Dr. Christine Hannafin, Ph.D.
West Chester, PA

I tell everyone about NMT and am very happy with the results.

My first experience with NMT was most probably like many people who are turning to alternative treatments for their medical and mental health needs. After being on a series of strong antibiotics for a strange bacterial infection that I caught, I developed a yeast infection in my body that caused severe gastrointestinal ailments. After telling a friend about my year long struggle of seeing specialists and unending medical tests and medications without any positive results, she told me about a wonderful professional, Dr. Chris Hannafin, who had a new method for treating just about anything.

During my first visit, Dr. Hannafin introduced me to the principles behind NMT and as peculiar as it all sounded, I knew that this was something special. In about five sessions, the symptoms of my yeast infection disappeared completely and I was able to resume eating a more balanced diet without pain anymore. The treatments were so effective, so quickly that we were able to work on other areas of my life.

Since then, I tell everyone about NMT and am very happy with the results that my friends and family are receiving. I feel blessed to encounter Dr. Hannafin and this wonderful method for healing and balancing the body and am forever grateful to all of the practitioners who are helping more and more people discover this life-changing process.





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