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Grant M.
Petaluma, CA

Edie McMillan, FNP, RN
Cotati, CA

Herniated and blind eye of horse restored to perfect health and vision

As a large animal veterinarian trained in Western based medicine, I had never encountered the practice of NeuroModulation Technique until I treated Gunner, a thoroughbred gelding with a prolapsed iris. Gunner had somehow poked a hole in his cornea and the internal structures of his eye were protruding through it. Hours after it happened, I referred him to a local world renowned veterinary school. The owner also contacted a nurse practitioner trained in NMT to begin working on him immediately. At the university, the veterinary ophthalmology resident recommended removing the eye, because literature and experience with these types of catastrophic injuries indicated that restoring function and comfort to the eye would be unlikely. The owner decided to try to treat the eye medically with conventional medications (delivered through a subpalpaebral lavage system) and NMT. A second board certified ophthalmologist checked the eye three months later, and she declared it a miracle that Gunner had a restoration of his internal optic structures and functional vision. Gunner is completely off of medications and pain free to date. At the time, I was skeptical (to put it mildly) about NMT. But the results with Gunner are overwhelming and undeniable: they have made me a believer in NMT.





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