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Kim N.
Cotati, CA

Edie McMillan, FNP, RN
Cotati, CA

Recovery from chronic sciatica and knee injury

I am very grateful to have found Edie McMillan. Her healing abilities are very profound and miraculous. I have been fortunate to have her as my family's NMT practitioner for the past 3 years now. Her knowledge as a Nurse Practitioner combined with her use of NMT have helped me through both chronically painful conditions and everyday illnesses. After 2 pregnancies I had a chronically and debilitating sciatica condition, that acupuncture only temporarily relieved, where I would feel better only for a few days, then the pain would return. After only ONE session with Edie, I have not had a reoccurrence for 3 years. I also sustained my first knee injury at the age 16 yrs, and had 3 surgeries of my right knee. When I started to get NMT treatments, both of my knees were 'loose", and would just give out, multiple times per day. I was diagnosed by my doctor with torn anterior cruciate ligaments in both knees. After a series of sessions, I was no longer a candidate for surgery, and the knees started to function normally. My knees no longer give out or feel loose, and I had no pain for over 1 year now.





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