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Janice C.
Santa Rosa, CA

Edie McMillan, FNP, RN
Cotati, CA

Chronic itching and rash of 9 years resolved

I was suffering from a dermatologic "allergy" condition that was suddenly worsening and causing me much despair.I had been diagnosed with an allergy to formaldehyde found in new clothing 6 years earlier and had been spending much time using cortisone based lotions and creams on some rather uncomfortable and sensitive areas of my body. I did not understand how I could develop such a condition after 40 + years of life, and wanted to find a way to relieve myself of it completely. With this thought forefront of my mind, my condition seemed to worsen and spread with no specific pattern or reason.

Then a friend, a former client that Edie had treated and helped, suggested NMT, noting that it was specifically helpful for auto-immune type problems, such as these rashes may have been. After perhaps 8 treatments (and some worsening of my symptoms temporarily, which was expected ) I am free of 90% of the rashes, and have only minor flare-ups occasionally.I rarely use any cortisone lotions that were causing me concern and the one I use when necesssary is infrequently and a non-presription kind. I return maybe twice a year for a "tune-up" treatment and am very satisfied that my problem has abated to a minor concern.

With each session I try to integrate the mind-body connection we use into the rest of my life. Edie's work in these fields of mind-body connections can only be a positive experience for anyone who utilizes them. She is devoted in her research and applications and I admire her inquisitive and pioneering spirit. To know her as a healer is to have someone with a wonderful knowledge that can offer support to my physical and mental well-being. It is a pleasure to write this affirmation.

Many thanks to you, Edie, for all you have done to keep us healthy and educated.





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