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Jessica P.
Lakewood, WA

Dr. Leslie S. Feinberg, DC
Hermiston, OR

Pregnancy Difficulties

I first encountered my right Bartholin’s gland in the second trimester of my first pregnancy. I was cross-country skiing in NH over winter break, when I began to feel some irritation of my right labia. With in the next week I traveled from NH to PA and back to school in IA. By the time I arrived it was the size of an egg and I had to go the ER and be given Morphine to even have it examined. They made an incision and drained the gland which for some unknown reason had swollen to the point where I could hardly move. From what I remember, the relief was instantaneous.

I had 3 more flare ups that required surgery. In April, I had the same procedure, however this time they inserted a "drain" to help it heal from the inside out, which my body rejected and pushed out. The next surgery was June 23rd, the day before I gave birth to my beautiful son, same procedure. I am so grateful to say that I was still able to have a fully natural beautiful birth! The final surgery was in November, the day before I moved to WA. The doctor performed a more invasive surgical procedure since I was no longer pregnant and this was the 4th surgery. It is intense to write this all out as there was a lot of stress each time this occurred. I had many flare ups which prevented me from partaking in many of the physical activities I enjoy. The area was painful, often swollen and had a lot of scar tissue. I was living with fear associated with a potential surgical removal of the gland, which would leave me bed ridden for three weeks, unable to work or care for my son.

I had a major flare up that had surgery potential, and that is when I contacted Dr. Leslie Feinberg. Thankfully, he was able to treat me the next day, it is a matter of 1-2 days before the pain and swelling becomes excruciating. We set up three long distant treatments. After the first treatment, I passed a mass approximately the size of a small gum ball, which resembled ovulatory fluid, and the swelling resolved 95% immediately. I still had some pain, and swelling which I am certain was aggravated by a joyful weekend of dancing. The next session resolved the residual swelling. The third treatment cleared the majority of pain sensations at the gland and the scar tissue swelling from the four surgeries. Approximately a month later I had some residual symptoms including; minor swelling, altered sensation and irritation, so I made one more appointment. At this time I felt my condition had improved 80-85%. This NMT treatment cleared all glandular swelling, decreased the scar tissue and resolved the majority of altered labia sensation. Since that time, I have been treating myself, PSPs primarily, during periods of aggravation or activities that had previously caused irritation to the gland. I am overjoyed to report that I have not had any glandular swelling in months, the scar tissue from the surgeries has substantially decreased in mass and is no longer painful or swollen, and I am no longer limited by this gland or the fear that it will return.

Thank you so much Les!





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