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Claudia F.
Mexico City

Marina Ametller
Mexico City

Fibromyalgia Does Heal With NMT!

Having suffered from fibromyalgia syndrome for 6 years, I decided I wouldn’t give up. I was only diagnosed 3 years ago, at a time I was basically seen as a hypochondriac, both by the medical establishment and close ones. My personal record, which my NMT practitioner, Marina Ametller carefully reviewed, consisted of 10 pages. I can count at least 14 different areas of my body which had been in pain and/or stiffness, for which I had had a couple of medical operations, and seen at least a dozen of specialists, ranging from gynaecologists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists to psychologists, dentists, healers – you name them. Despite the fact that I had experienced a range of changes with alternative treatments, my everyday life basically consisted of a complex routine full of 'crutches' to keep me going. Last December I heard about NMT, and I just felt so blessed that I could find a practitioner in Mexico City, close to my area, and with a practitioner with whom I could communicate. So far, I have only had 4 treatments with Marina, and not only have I had significant changes in particular body areas (my neck and right knee have started to 'work properly'!): my chronic fatigue has started to subside (I can get more than three tasks done every day!), and my inner strength is coming to surface again! The accuracy, patience and understanding of my practitioner, have been really key, to the extent I can honestly say that I am enjoying my NMT treatment process, and willing to share more about it in the coming months.





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