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Becky Antosh
Philadelphia area

Lee A. Bowers, Ph.D.
Villanova, PA

Chronic Headaches and Sinus Problems

When I first started going to Dr. Bowers, I was a mess. I hadn't been truly healthy for years. I was having Chronic Headaches, Sinus Problems, Chronic Yeast Infections and not sleeping well at night; not to mention a mystery ankle problem. I had tried several doctors for all these problems with no help being given but take this medicine and most of the time it didn't help at all.

Throughout my treatment with Dr. Bowers; I was gradually having less headaches and sleeping better at night. My yeast infections were gone; but I still had the symptoms of getting one. The itching was alleviated as well, with the help of NMT. My mystery ankle problem symptoms were lessened also.

Overall, I feel healthier than I have in years!! And the best part; no more chronic headaches and yeast infections!!! I'm a much happier person because I'm a healthier person.



Becky was not an easy case. I've found that when people have multiple and diverse symptoms, it can take awhile before they start feeling relief. However, Becky was determined and wasn't expecting an overnight cure. After a few weeks of once a week sesssions, she started feeling releif, and then in the next few weeks, improved by leaps and bounds.

Lee A. Bowers



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