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Henry S.
Philadelphia, PA

Lee A. Bowers, Ph.D.
Villanova, PA

Dear Dr. Bowers,

After we left your office this morning, we headed into Philadelphia where I got the most incredible massage. While I was quiet and lying still, my mind was completely focused on what took place with you this morning and these past few weeks. I can only tell you that until this very moment, for the last chunk of my life, I have felt an underlying current of perpetual fear and anxiety for my little boy's safety.

Until today, the daily questions bombarded me both consciously and unconsciously... Will it be safe for him at his friends' birthday parties? Will it be safe for him each time he goes to school? What about when kids start "playing tricks" on him in the upper grades just to see how serious the allergy really is? Is the flight to Italy peanut free or will he be smelling that intense smell for 8 1/2 hours? Are those french fries cooked in peanut oil or vegetable? My list of constant concerns was endless. To see the look on his face this morning wearing "peanut butter lipstick" was priceless.

His willingness to allow you to actually put peanut butter on his lips speaks worlds of his trust in you, the entire process, and his desire to be free from a lifetime of fear. When we walked out of your office this morning, he went skipping down the ramp, jumped into the air and declared, "I'm free!!!!!" Thank you, Lee. Our world just became so much safer, so much clearer.

With tremendous respect and admiration, Carrie

PS Please prepare yourself for an influx of new patients! :)


  Severe Peanut Allergy Resolved

Seven year old Henry had a severe peanut allergy and also an allergy to soy. We were able to resolve both in two sessions. I want to make sure readers understand that this was done with extreme care. We had an Epi pen ready if needed, and first had him just hold a closed jar of peanut butter. Then, I went across the room and opened it. I gradually moved closer, as he noticed the increasing smell.

Each step of the way, I checked to make sure he was fine - not only in terms of not reacting physically, but in terms of his fear - which was significant before we started. Finally, I put a little peanut butter on the back of his hand - no reaction (he previously would have had hives by now). Finally - the "peanut butter lipstick."

The mother's testimonial was a private e-mail to me, but she has given me permission to copy it here.

Lee A. Bowers, Ph.D.



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