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Ana B.

Monica Cristobal, RD, MS
New Jersey

Overcoming VATER syndrome

My son was born with VATER syndrome in 2002 and is now 5 years old. At birth, his digestive system was all messed up from top to bottom. He underwent eight surgeries in his first year of life. Doctors repaired his tracheo-esophageal fistula when he was 12 hours old. Another abnormality was a high imperforate anus, where his rectum was connected to the bladder instead of coming down to form the anus. My son lived with a colostomy bag for nine months. Once doctors repaired everything, the only thing left back then was to wait and see how my son would grow up. We didn’t know if he would be able to control his stool or urine.

By three years old, he was able to tell me that he needed to go pee on the potty but he was pooping eight or ten times a day. One day, I was talking to my sister-in-law (Dr. Cristobal) who told me about the neuromodulation technique. In October of 2005, I went to see Dr. Cohn in Costa Mesa who said that they could help. Dr. Cristie McKoy started applying neuromodulation on my son and I noticed a wonderful change: Eight or ten soiled diapers became three. We visited doctor McKoy for about six months and saw a big difference in my son. Like the time when he started preschool and was having separation anxiety, crying every day for three weeks. One Tuesday, we went to see Dr. McKoy and told her about his crying. She did an emotional pathway on him and the next day at preschool my son said: "Mommy, you can go now, I am ok". At the same time, Dr. Monica Cristobal invited me to see Dr. Feinberg who was doing a seminar in San Francisco, CA. I took my son to the seminar to see the expert. Dr. Feinberg received us and asked me about my goals. I told him that I wanted to see my son without diapers by age four. He did pathways on him and told me that Dr. McKoy was doing a great job with my son. By age four, he was not wearing diapers during the day but experienced many “accidents”. I had to change four or five underwear per day, and sometimes even more. On many days, I wasn’t sure whether to go back to diapers or continue with dirty underwear. It wasn’t easy! ,br>
In November of 2006, Dr. Cristobal (now living in New Jersey) started performing distance healing on my son. At the start, she told me that my son’s rectum was working at 65% of its normal function, and by April of 2007, his rectum was working at 91%. I could see tremendous changes such us, my son being able to tell me that he needed to go potty in the middle of a store. Before he would have had his bowel movement and kept it in his underwear without any issues.

Also, my son was able to say: "I have learned how to poop in the toilet, mommy". Recently, he has been clean for almost two months now, and looking back at everything he has gone through, I’m in heaven. Sometimes, we celebrate when he uses one pair of pants for two days in a row. We still visit his regular doctor, but I’ve learned to trust this alternative medical approach.





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