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James H.
Sudbury, Ontario

Dr. Robyn Fraser, ND
Guelph, Ontario

Mastocytosis and burning skin

I have had mastocytosis for 39 years. When exposed to fungal spores I would go into anaphalactic shock. Summers were not fun. Also had allergy to black flies & mosqitoes. would get headaches and feel generally unwell for hours. Ten years ago I started experiencing burning skin in the feet and ankle area,it eventually spread all over my body. Doctors just shook their heads and offered me anti-depressants to ease the pain. I tried them for a very short time. Finally I found Robyn Fraser (hooray). After about ten visits I realized my mastocytosis has disappeared. I can now cut my grass, stay outside all day and live a normal life. The burning skin ia a lot less than it was, I'm confident that it will also disappear soon, thanks to Robyn and NMT.

Thanks again Robyn and NMT

James H.
Sudbury Ontario





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