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Claudia F.
Mexico City

Marina Ametller
Mexico City

Chronic pain and chronic fatigue down to 15-20%!

Chronic pain and chronic fatigue down to 15-20% As I said on my previous testimonial, I was to share a follow up of my treatment. My executive summary reads: chronic pain and chronic fatigue down to 15-20%. For anyone who’s been on those boats, it’s is just night turned into day!! Between late Jan. and mid-Aug 2006, I’ve had an average of 17 sessions (approx) with Marina. She’s carefully dealt with most of my issues in a process of change. At some point in April (halfway through to this point), I felt like in a plateau and started considering that perhaps that was my benchmark. Still, I was happy with it. I must say that I was unable to keep with my sessions constant, as I had financial and logistical issues to juggle with. However, Marina had the patience to go through most issues, thoughtfully and effectively to surpass that benchmark. She worked on different things; I remember I went through hormone and other pathways during those months. Although there are NMT terms which are like alchemy for me to understand, our rapport developed so nicely that I’d just trust her and let her do!

Marina has been also flexible while committed and persistent in order to produce substantial changes in the recent weeks. Besides of having only 2-3 areas of chronic pain now (compared to 14 when I first met her), Marina produced another radical twist in my life through NMT: my energy has substantially and consistently risen. Although I still feel on a trial period into this low pain and increased energy body (it takes time to develop the ‘new self’), I have been able to do chores unthinkable to me in the last 4 years - type for 8 hours a day, spend 4 hours keeping the kitchen tidy, prepare a sushi meal for 8 without ending up exhausted with a flare up!!! Those things that are like a world record for people with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. And it does feel fine – I can embody this soul!

Marina has been a complete earth angel to me – she’s been supportive and warm while balanced. As she’s moving to the UK in October, I am sure that many potential patients/clients in London will completely benefit from her NMT practice! My thanks to Marina and Dr. Feinberg, since I feel my life back with NMT, and I am just amazed by my sustained progress to resolve fibromyalgia symptoms and chronic fatigue.





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