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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Lynn Voortman, ND
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Allergy Treatment for Baby

Parents just want their babies to be healthy and happy. It crushed me to see my infant boy covered in an itchy red rash that he couldn’t help but scratch. Not only did he scratch during the day, he woke up every 1 ½ to 2 hours during the night unable to fall back to sleep because of the itching. I learned to wrap my arms around his little body to hold his arms and legs still so I could rock him back to sleep.

At the age of 4 weeks my baby developed eczema and a dry skin condition. The family doctor said it was most likely allergen foods that I was eating transferring to the baby through the breast milk. She recommended I avoid nuts, chocolate and citrus food and use a steroid cream if necessary on the baby.

I followed her advice but the problem continued. I met with the family naturopath, Dr. Mary Ellen Kelly (Toronto, Ontario) for assistance in changing my diet in hopes of helping the baby. I removed all foods from my diet that were possible allergens (dairy, soy, egg, wheat, berries, citrus fruit, nuts, chocolate) and foods that had in previous years been identified as sensitivities for myself (mayonnaise, vinegar, cantaloupe, beer, wine). This change in my diet coincided with a family trip to attend a friend’s wedding. (I did drink a bit of champagne to toast the happy couple!) By the end of the week my baby’s skin had improved significantly! I was thrilled!

But when we got home, my son’s rash flared back up worse than before! It didn’t take long to realize that it must be the dog hair and dander in the house. The family naturopath recommended we try NeuroModulation Treatment with Dr. Lynn Voortman (Oakville, Ontario).

After a few treatments she identified and cleared a long list of allergens for the baby- dog dander, vitamin C, essential fatty acid (not being absorbed causing the dry skin but even worse not helping with brain development!), berries, molds, nuts, yeast, sugar, and more! Dr. Voortman also helped his body learn how to create healthy skin as this information was missing at birth.

The turning point for me was driving home after the baby’s first treatment and hearing him giggle for the first time which he continued all the way home. I cried with joy.

Within days of the last treatment, my little one’s skin became soft, fair in complexion and rash-free! His eyes twinkled, he smiled all the time, and he slept at night! Neighbours asked if I brought home a different baby!

I am so thankful that I learned about NMT so early in my son’s life. I wrote this story so that other parents can gain knowledge about the treatment to help their young ones.





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