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Margaret L.
Los Angeles

Dr. Anthony Cahill, DC
Los Angeles, CA

Chronic Back Pain Eliminated - In One Session

When I came to Tony Cahill I had chronic sever low back pain that had been bothering me for over eight years. I had badly fallen down a flight of stairs. I had to change my occupation because I could no longer stand or sit too long in any one position without spasm and pain. Grocery and bank lines were painful. I couldn't garden, exercise or walk for long periods. I literally had to budget my daily physical activity so I would be able to work or attend social events later. It really only took one session and I could feel my body shift. Tony carefully and thoroughly listened and worked with me. Our session was non-invasive, pleasant. I think I may have actually napped! Today I can run to catch a train, dance like no one's looking, and exercise regulary. I'm very grateful to have met such a talented doctor who was sincerely interested in helping improve my life. Thank you very much.





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