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Janina V.
Los Angeles

Dr. Anthony Cahill, DC
Los Angeles, CA

Health and Well being

This has really been an amazing experience for me. Tony has dealt with all kinds of issues that i've had. To name a few my recurring yeast infections went away, my malasma went away and my weight is very controlable with NMT and my headaches went away. Every once in awhile i'd get migraines and NMT is great for these. As far as pregnancy has been, i've had such an amazing and easy pregnancy. I've been seeing Tony since the day I got pregnant and I have really felt wonderful and devoid of a lot of issues that other pregnant women have as in zero back problems and no problem sleeping and no excessive trips to the bathroom. I sometimes seek out Tony's service when I have an issue or I take preventitive measures so that I don't have that issue. I'm 41 years old and we have also done some youthful skin and wrinkle work. This is always a boost to my self confidence.





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